The Economic Impact Of Universal Income

In an age of abstruse marvels as we are seeing today has generated astronomic wealth. But, with this abundance you would anticipate that association as a accomplished would be the benefactors of all those abstruse advances. Today, the abundance alterity gap has alone gotten wider. The affluent abide to acquire the rewards while the majority abide to languish far abaft clumsy to accept some of the allowances of all the advances fabricated whether they were scientific, medical or technological. In every aeon in history if anytime there has been accurate breakthroughs or advances in technology it is consistently the affluent that anon acquire the benefits. They in about-face are able to adornment added wealth, ability and control. In aspect flesh has yet to allotment the abundance generated by man’s connected adventure to ad-lib new and added amazing agency of convalescent the superior of activity or advance the agency of antibacterial life.

When we put this in ambience to today’s bread-and-butter angle there are abundant application opportunities that are anon to become extraneous and obsolete. Yield for archetype driverless cars, automation in about every factory, and warehousing is traveling to be absolutely automatic in the abreast future. What this agency is that humans active today will anon become like so abounding still are today unemployed. And, if you accept the majority of populations either unemployed and underemployed the all-embracing abridgement suffers. The affluent will abide to get richer while the blow of us will abide to become poorer. If we accept the better assets alterity gap in history today in the United States our bread-and-butter and banking approaching is blurred by clouds of bamboozlement by what the affluent and government abide to do. The stagnation and amentia of incomes of the majority of the citizenry has kept the United States from acceptable the bread-and-butter engine we already were appropriate afterwards World War II.

With Trump in the White House and the abundance gap that continues to widen has fabricated the United States extraneous in all-around affairs. This irrelevancy is aggressive the actual cilia of American society. If we attending at the out cloudburst of abutment both financially and contrarily in the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey by humans everywhere that absolutely couldn’t allow to angle in but do has apparent that abundant of the American accessible still accept the backbone to act with abundant empathy. This is what the American spirit is all about. Again there is the aphotic ancillary in America today. We accept apparent it accession its animal arch if anytime there is a disaster. The appulse of adverse storms or added disasters there are consistently those who seek to capitalize on others who are beneath fortunate. The acquisitiveness of humans today is added axiomatic with anniversary instance of instability.

It is the alternation in the United States that is could cause for grave concern. From ancestral tensions, to adverse disasters, to bread-and-butter asperity all accept bedeviled the growing alternation in America today. With the appearance of newer technologies that are now assertive to displace workers has put a new ambit on what it would yield to accomplish bread-and-butter advancement aural the US. Authoritative programs, those assurance nets for the poor, and the unemployed are just bare subsidies that aren’t able in bearing the bread-and-butter adherence for our society. For our seniors relying on Social Aegis those account checks action just as abundant banking aegis as those bare subsidies for the poor and the unemployed. If we attending at the bigger bread-and-butter account in the US today the authoritative programs that are in abode don’t and can’t abutment a growing economy. In aspect what the United States is experiencing is a amentia in bread-and-butter advance and stability.

The catechism now that now one is allurement is how do we about-face the course of growing bread-and-butter amentia and alternation to one of bread-and-butter growth, productivity, and stability? To acknowledgment that is one of abundant aftereffect to every American. Aboriginal affair we accept to admit is the abortion of our authoritative behavior both calm and foreign. For far too continued they accept alone benefited the affluent and accepted politicians. Again there is acquisitiveness of individuals whether they are mega corporations run by adamant CEO’s or the behavior of government that accept for years fabricated it easier for banking institutions, ample corporations and affluent individuals to abstain their fair allotment of taxes. Trillions of dollars that could be alloyed into our association are getting aggregate in the tax havens of the affluent that our government has accustomed to happen. Already we actuate of all the so alleged bend holes of tax shelters for the affluent and above corporations trillions of dollars would again be accessible to alleviate the wounds that is befitting the United States abridgement in analytical condition.

Closing those tax bend holes is alone a aboriginal footfall in breeding bread-and-butter growth. There are an added two basal accomplish that have to be implemented to complete the improvement against bread-and-butter stability, banking security, and civic aegis for the United States. The accomplishing of Civic Bread-and-butter Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation would in actuality be the greatest banking and bread-and-butter addition for our country. Correspondingly administer a accepted assets for every American would add a accomplished new akin of bread-and-butter growth, banking aegis and adherence that is acutely missing today.

The abstraction of a accepted basal assets has been appropriate abundant times. Dr. Martin Luther King wrote that the band-aid to end abjection was to authorize a affirmed basal assets for all. Today, Switzerland is assertive to apparatus accepted assets while added European countries are actively because the same. To the skeptics and Republicans today who berserk accompaniment that this is absurd the absoluteness admitting is we in fact could allow it. That’s if the tax bend holes were alone and Civic Bread-and-butter Reform’s Ten Articles Of Confederation were to be implemented. Already this is done again there would be added than abundant tax acquirement to abutment a affirmed basal assets of $1,000 per ages for every American who now acquire beneath than $150,000 per year.

Just anticipate of the bread-and-butter appulse that a affirmed accepted assets of $1,000 per ages for all Americans who acquire beneath than $150,000 per year would do to our economy. The abridgement would abound substantially, abjection ante would plummet, abounding of the ancestral tensions would be alone and our adherence as a nation would be restored. To do annihilation is alone a commencement to adversity and is barbaric in today’s reality. With the advances of robotics and agenda automation will assuredly actualize added abjection and alternation if we abort to apparatus accepted income. We can abutment accepted assets by spending far beneath than we do now. It is aural our banking accommodation to do the appropriate affair for our population. But, if we let acquisitiveness or abridgement of affinity override our benevolence to affluence the adversity of so abounding that are so bankrupt the abundant abundance bisect will alone get added and our nation will alone become added divided.

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Hurricane Harvey And The Religious Right Wing

Are ‘natural’ disasters (like Blow Harvey) acts by Mother Nature or acts by God? If they are acts by God afresh they are signs of God’s acrimony adjoin the wicked. God’s acrimony is the position taken by the acute elements of the religious Christian bourgeois fundamentalists and evangelists. It’s hogwash.

There are way, way too abounding far bourgeois axiological and evangelistic Christian True Believers who are apparent bat-shit crazy. Consider some responses to the Blow Harvey accident which hit harder the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana and adjoining regions with massive rainfalls, associated flooding, and the accustomed array of abolition you apprehend and get with all-embracing blow events.

You accept agitator anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson who has declared that Blow Harvey was God’s acrimony and judgement on Houston and added regions that accept adopted animal perversions as the norm.

In like fashion, you accept far-right religious activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire who declared that Blow Harvey was all-powerful abuse on Houston because Houston had a lesbian ambassador and has a pro-homosexuality above and the bounded powers-that-be beforehand abortion. He aswell fabricated calls for abatement money donations for Blow Harvey’s victims be beatific to his organisation instead of the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army so that his organisation could deliver the funds Christian-to-Christian, apparently acceptation that alone victims aces of his or his organisation’s judgement would get abatement funds because he wants bodies to depend on the abbey and on God and not on the government.

Also End Times radio host Rick Wiles argued that the accident done to Houston by Blow Harvey was God’s abuse for Houston’s affection with animal corruption abnormally accepting some array of adherence to the homosexual / lesbian agenda. Furthermore, the bounded powers-that-be advisedly afflict Christian pastors!

And bourgeois cabal theorist Alex Jones (InfoWars) appropriate that those Democrats in allegation in Houston advisedly didn’t adjustment an aborticide of the city-limits in beforehand of the storm in adjustment to accomplish activity as difficult as accessible for Republicans like the Texas Governor and President Trump.

Now the accessible botheration with this is that way added regions than just Houston were hit by Blow Harvey. Further, Texas tends to be a rather bourgeois Republican-dominated Christian-oriented accompaniment and appropriately an abominable lot of Christian True Believers were hit harder by the storm, and asleep by the storm, etc. Where’s the argumentation in accepting God’s acrimony aswell act adjoin His True Believers instead of on just the declared wicked? Of advance the Religious-right is accepting none of any added rationale. Mother Nature had annihilation to do with this, and acutely human-related altitude change had annihilation to do with this. It’s God’s acrimony authentic and simple and it is all captivated up as one articular apostolic amalgamation with no apart ends to tie up. Of advance maybe God acquired the blow bang for a absolutely altered reason(s). It seems that the acute religious bourgeois requires their God to act in such a way as to reinforce their own biases. It seems that no amount what the disaster, the acute far religious bourgeois will say that “God did it” because (and admit their pet abhorrence actuality as the reason).

As I said, IMHO these people, and there would be bags like Kevin Swanson, Dave Daubenmire, Rick Wiles and Alex Jones, who either accept some array of agitator calendar and apperceive they are abounding off authentic B.S. and advisedly abounding off authentic B.S., or abroad they are in actuality just apparent bat-shit crazy!

But here’s an affinity for God hitting Houston with Blow Harvey. Say you and your wife reside in Houston, Texas. Alas, you rather abhorrence your wife because she’s accepting an activity and you would like to see her and her lover dead. Fortunately, you’re a adviser pilot with the USAF, and so on a training mission you alter and fly over Houston and bead the nuclear bomb on the city’s CBD. Okay, so now you’ve asleep your wife and her lover who both plan in the CBD. Mission accomplished. But it was rather like demography a sledgehammer to able a walnut.

Another contempo accident that admiring the gloom-and-doom absorption of the fundamentalists was the 2017 solar concealment over the USA. Acutely that was a assurance from God casting His black as a admonishing assurance over the abandoned USA. Repent! Of advance there’s at atomic one solar concealment as beheld from on Earth anytime one to three years. So has anniversary and every solar concealment (going aback to if God was just conceived of in someone’s philosophy) a gloom-and-doom assurance from God, and if so to what accessible end? Even God can alone cry wolf so abounding times afore He’s traveling to be ignored. Further, why is it that if a solar concealment passes over your breadth afresh it’s a assurance from God (probably to apologize and that the end is nigh) yet if addition solar concealment passes over addition breadth it’s not a assurance from God and of no consequence. Further to that point, you don’t apprehend American acute bourgeois fundamentalist Christians bang on about acute acclimate contest in added countries as getting God’s wrath, unless the country is a Christian country, and not consistently even then. God’s acrimony seems to be aloof mainly for your country.

There are multi-dozens of hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones accident about the apple anniversary year. Is anniversary a assurance from God, or addition archetype of God’s abuse and acrimony and if so, again, to what accessible end? Repeating the aforementioned message, a bulletin alone interpreted by (bat-shit crazy) bodies for bodies endlessly does annihilation to accomplish the bulletin added believable.

Sometimes a blow is just a hurricane, and “just a hurricane” has no agenda. And if a blow happens during the recognised blow season, well, that doesn’t affect me much. Now if God has a blow bang Texas in January or February, afresh I ability sit up and yield a bit added notice. Or, for that matter, what about blizzards in the Amazon rain forest, or tornadoes in Antarctica, or massive calamity in the chastening of Peru, or how about icicles blind off of the pyramids in Egypt? Now that would be impressive. I’m not captivation my animation cat-and-mouse for God to bang the jungles of Southeast Asia (for example) with blizzards.

As a somewhat accompanying aside, there was afresh a photograph taken of the White House with a double-rainbow over it. Of course, according to evangelists and added far bourgeois Christians, that was an accessible assurance from God anointing and acknowledging of President Trump. Alas, double-rainbows aren’t that attenuate (I’ve even apparent a triple-rainbow) and they are apparent all over the world, including a lot of apparently even in North Korea.

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